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时时彩怎么编程序:Transparency and Accountability


Transparency and accountability are fundamentals for UNICEF in delivering development and humanitarian results for children. UNICEF has been pursuing a series of measures to underpin the principle of transparency in the organization’s operations. It is envisaged that these efforts will not only make information about our work easier to access, understand and use, but further support ongoing endeavors to make the organization more efficient, responsive, collaborative and better able to deliver on its commitments to children, especially the most disadvantaged and marginalized.

UNICEF has an established?Information Disclosure Policy?that outlines explicitly its commitment to making information about programmes and operations available to the public. Reflecting the organization’s efforts to strive for transparency and accountability, UNICEF in 2012?became signatory to the International Aid Transparency Initiative?(IATI), the global multi-stakeholder initiative, which committed the organization to publicly disclose its information on aid spending and make it easier for all stakeholders to find, use and compare the standardized data. Further to this, UNICEF prepared an ambitious?IATI Implementation Schedule?with the aim of implementing it fully by December 2015. UNICEF achieved its first milestone in June 2013, successfully publishing the details of financial and programme information in a standardized format on the?registry. Thereafter, UNICEF’s commitment to being open and transparent has been demonstrated by continuous efforts to scale up the quality, depth and timeliness of the programme and financial data released to the public. This commitment is also acknowledged by the significantly improved score in the annual?Aid Transparency Index, which in 2016 placed UNICEF in 'very good category' ranked 3 out of 46 organizations. ?

In order to communicate with the outside world on how and where it uses resources to achieve results for children, UNICEF in 2015 launched a?transparency microsite?(open.www.6m35u.cn). The site features interactive geo-data and flow visualization where information is automated from the published IATI files. With the aim to keep the public up-to-date on activities taking place in 128 UNICEF offices around the world, the portal allows users to intuitively search, filter, group, and generate information by attributes such as programme areas, funding source and geographic locations. The portal also has links to a growing number of corporate documents such as country programme documents, evaluations, audit reports, details on?supply and logistics, financial rules and regulations, and?annual programme results reports.?



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